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Why Should You Bottle?

For starters, bottles are very effective at protecting the beverages that they contain. Dark coloured bottles keep out light while tightly sealed caps keep out unwanted air. When it comes to flavour and freshness, bottles are  a worthy choice and they are cheaper to produce than cans!

Bottles Are Resealable

There’s a reason that most of us gravitate to bottles. Bottles are great for drinks that you dont want to drink in one go.  You can drink half now and save the rest for later by applying the cap and putting the bottle in your bag. This is not something that you can do with cans. By resealing your bottle you'll preserve the freshness of your beverage and you can even re-use the bottle for another purpose in the future.


Bottled drinks have a certain air of quality to them that canned beverages simply can’t replicate. Cans are cheaper and less refined than elegant glass or plastic bottles when it comes to appearance. In contrast, bottles come in different sizes, shapes, and styles. They can be sealed with a variety of unique caps giving them a distinct look.

Coffee tends to have a certain vibe to it that is captured best in a classic bottle. Because bottles are incredibly versatile, they give you the opportunity to create a very unique look and brand. Cans, on the other hand, are just cans – the only feature that can be adjusted is their label or print.

As a result, bottles are more appealing to the consumer and some consumers see bottled drinks as higher quality. If you want your beverage to exude quality, class and craftiness, bottles are still the better option.


Cold Brew coffee is traditionally packaged in glass or plastic bottles. While a good number of roasters have branched out and started producing their coffee in cans, many roasters have continued this tradition of bottling cold brew as well. If you’re new to the industry (or even if you’re not), bottling your cold brew is a great way to participate in the traditional art of brewing.


We can use your beans to make your product. Your roast may need to be adjusted to maximise the flavour, however one of our expert staff will help every step of the way.​
Anywhere from 100 litres to 10,000 litres, we can tailor a solution that is right for your business.

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How Does This Work?

Get Your Drinks Bottled With Us!



Contact us and let us know that you are interested in our Bottling service. (We can also Contract Brew for you too)



We offer several sample options which we'll discuss with you.



Or ask us to Contract Brew your drink for you and send us the recipe you want.



Once everything we need arrives we'll get started on brewing/bottling your product.



Did you know that we can also send your bottles using cold transport? Just ask us for a no-obligation quote!



Now that you have your products you'll be able to start selling!

Why Use Brew Projects?

There are many risks to creating your own brew or canning at home. For starters the potential of spores and bacteria is very high when you are doing this yourself. You might also find that your shelf life will vary drastically.  

Have you also considered the legal liability of creating your own drinks at home or at your roastery?

Here at Brew Projects, we pride ourselves on being HACCP certified, we tick all the boxes and will produce a safe beverage for you customers to enjoy. We do our best to keep your brew as consistent as possible* and we will provide you with a great shelf stability (for a fresh product) with no preservatives or pasteurisation needed.

Brew Projects can also provide you with a full analysis on your brew with lab tests and if you're using us to brew your product, we can offer you Cold Press, Cold Drip & Cold Brew unlike many of our competitors.

We can also roast your coffee for you nearby. This lets you use the freshest coffee possible and also allows us to reduce your costs as you don't need to ship your roasted coffee across the country.

Additionally, we have a graphics designer on our team who can assist with with any of your graphics or branding needs.

Finally we can even print or label your cans for you, and if you are ordering printed cans, we wont charge you a fee for storing your cans with us for the first 3 months.

*coffee is a natural product that does vary between harvests and seasons.

Our Brewing Options

Cold Brew

Our Cold Brew process uses the traditional steeping method which immerses ground coffee in cold water for 18-22 hours.

Cold Press

Our proprietary Cold Press process uses a 2 tonne hydraulic press to create pressure in the brewing tank. This is then slowly pressed over a period of 14-22 hours.

Cold Drip

Our Cold Drip process uses a commercial drip brewer which drips ice cold water over ground coffee over a period of 5-16 hours.

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Our price list focuses around a full solution of contract brewing and bottling. If you are only interested in using our bottling service, please send us a message using the form below; or email/call us directly to start the conversation.

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Brew Projects are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I'm very happy that I chose to work with you guys.

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Ryan Williams
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The Cold Press concentrate you have provided is the best I've tried., it totally blew us away!

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Jeff Stevenson
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We're really impressed by the shelf life of your brews and the flavour of your Cold Press coffee. We'll be ordering more soon.

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Andy Rews