This creates a delicious cold brew coffee that’s perfect straight from the bottle, can or tap.

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About us

At Brew Projects our primary focus is offering coffee roasters a one-stop contract cold brewing solution. We are the first in Australia to have a system to extend the shelf life of cold brew using our Cold Pressing equipment.

Cold Pressing the coffee takes around 18 hours and involves a unique high-pressure process that results in a more well balanced and sweeter flavour profiles than current cold brew processing. Ground coffee is placed in huge vats, along with triple filtered cold water then pressurised under 2 tonnes of pressure.

There’s an equal focus on sanitation at the automated bottling line. One reason we decided to become HACCP certified for cold brew is because of the real risk to the industry of someone getting sick. Failure to sanitise properly along the supply chain can have severe results plus we lab test each batch to ensure the integrity of the product!

Let us help you bring your cold coffee concept to reality. Call us today!

Chris Slingsby-Smith

Our Contract Brewing Services

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Cold Brew Concentrate

Purchase your cold brew concentrate from us. Available in a number of containers  and concentrate ratios. Just tell us what you need!

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Dairy & Non-Dairy FiLLING PARTNERS

We work closely with Australia's leading dairy and non-dairy brands. Just let us know what you need, we'll make it happen.

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Don't want your products shipped at the same time? We've got a commercial chiller that can store your brew for you until you're ready.

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Lab Testing

Looking for all the data on your beverage? We use the money from your samples to provide you with Lab Tests of your brew..

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Recipe creation & brand development

Need help tailoring your brew recipe and brand for your target demographic?
Don't worry, we've got you!

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Purified Or Alkaline Water

Just let us know what your recipe requires. There's benefits to both options and we can help you choose what's best for your brew.

Our Packaging Services

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We can package your Cold Brew as a Bag-In-Box with multiple sizes to choose from.

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Coffee Kegs

We offer Cold Press & Cold Brew Coffee Kegs in both Regular and Nitro versions.

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Coffee Pouch

Looking to distribute your Cold Brew in a Coffee Pouch? We've got that covered with multiple sizes to choose from.

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Shipping & Logistics

We can pack your product in a number of box sizes and offer cold transport shipping.

For contract packagers or co-packers, we can provide cold brew coffee concentrate in bulk. Offer our cold brew concentrate as a bulk raw ingredient to your co-pack customers!

You're unique

Our proprietary high pressure cold press extraction process produces a naturally sweet, smooth and delicious coffee with better long-term flavour stability and shelf life.
We can help you create your very own private label custom cold press or cold brew coffee.

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Brew Projects are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I'm very happy that I chose to work with you guys.

5 Star Review
Ryan Williams
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The Cold-Press concentrate you have provided is the best I've tried., it totally blew us away!

5 Star Review
Jeff Stevenson
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We're really impressed by the shelf life of your brews and the flavour of your cold press coffee. We'll be ordering more soon.

5 Star Review
Andy Rews

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